PV Manager

公司部门: Clinical Development








1. 帮助药物警戒负责人建立并改进药物警戒体系以确保其有效性和遵守所有适用的法规和公司政策及标准操作规程;

2. 监督管理临床试验个例安全性报告的处理,确保相关安全信息递交给监管部门和其他适用部门;

3. 在临床试验启动前,负责PV相关工作文件或流程的准备,如制定临床试验安全管理计划,进行药物警戒数据库项目配置;与合同研究组织数据管理人员共同制定安全性事件一致性核查计划,并参与一致性核查工作;

4. 参与相关临床资料的审核,例如:研究方案,知情同意书,病例报告表等,以满足药物警戒合规及安全管理的要求;

5. 在临床试验进行期间,提供安全性支持;新药临床试验申请(IND)和新药上市许可申请(NDA)提交时,协助准备安全方面的相关资料;

6. 在药物警戒或其他监管机构检查期间,参与向监督管理机构检查人员解释和阐述药物警戒工作内容;

7. 为相关部门提供药物警戒培训;

8. 参与管理与各种外部合作伙伴起草和签署药物警戒协议;

9. 确保所有内部和外部客户之间的良好沟通和协作,同时确保维持好所有药物警戒标准;

10. 在药物警戒工作中,与监管部门保持良好的沟通;

11. 完成上级主管交代的其他工作。

Qualified individual, with minimum supervision, be able to:

1. Supports the PV head on the establishment and improvement of PV system to ensure its efficiency and compliance following all applicable regulations and company policies and SOPs;

2. Supervises and management the clinical ICSR case processing, to ensure safety information is expedited submitted to Health Authorities (HA) and other applicable Agencies;

3. Responsible for the project set-up PV related documents/process before the clinical trial initiation, such as developing the clinical trial safety management plan, PV database configuration, collaborate with CRO DM to establish Safety event reconciliation plan and participate in the reconciliation;

4. Participates in review of relevant clinical documents such as study protocol, ICF, CRF, etc. to ensure the PV compliance and safety management requirements;

5. Provide safety support during clinical trial, and assist in the preparation of safety related materials in IND and NDA submissions;

6. Participate in describing and demonstrating the PV activities to regulatory authority inspectors during pharmacovigilance or other regulatory authority inspections;

7. Deliver PV training to relevant functions;

8. Participate in management of PV agreements drafting and signing with all kinds of external partners;

9. Ensures good communication and collaboration between all internal and external customers, while at the same time ensures that all Pharmacovigilance standards are maintained;

10. Keep good communication with Health Authorities during PV activities;

11. Finish the work assigned by the supervisor.



1. 至少5年制药行业药物警戒经验;

2. 熟悉药物警戒相关法规;

3. 熟悉药物警戒数据库系统操作,例如:Argus系统,Arisg系统等;

4. 本科及以上学历,医学、药学、公共卫生或流行病学专业;

5. 有临床培训和实践经验者优先;

6. 良好的英语听说读写能力;


Basic Requirements:

1. At least 5 years of PV experience in the pharmaceutical industry;

2. Ideally knowledgeable in Pharmacovigilance relevant regulations;

3. Familiar with PV database practice, such as Argus, ARISg, etc.;

4. Bachelor degree or above; Major in medical, pharmacy, public health or epidemiology;

5. Clinical training and practice experience is preferred;

6. Good English skills on both oral and written;