HGR Manager人类遗传办经理

公司部门: Clinical Development







Key Objectives/Deliverables:

1. 建立HGR团队,加强团队建设和能力提升。根据人员资源计划管理人员高效执行。并推动团队成员提高工作优先级和绩效的效率和有效性。

Build up HGR team, strengthen team cohesion and capability improvement. Manage resource according to resource plan. Drive team members to improve their efficiency and effectiveness at prioritizing work and improving performance.

2. 保持积极和结果导向的工作环境。

Maintain a positive and results orientated work environment.

3. 制定HGR团队相关培训计划以提高质量管理技能, 建立SOP和最佳实践,以协助临床试验递交的交付速度、质量和合规性

Develop HGR team training plans and programs across Clinical Operations to enhance quality management skills. Establish SOPs and best practices to optimize the HGR approval speed, quality and compliance.

4. 监督团队的日常工作,制定明确的方向和绩效目标,确保清晰有效的流程设置、持续跟踪和数据分析,以识别潜在问题并加以改进以专业和协作的方式与内部和外部员工进行有效沟通。

Supervise clinical trial assistant team at daily work, establish clear direction and performance targets, ensure clear and efficient process, on-going tracking, and data analysis to identify potential issue and improve it.

5. 主动发现潜在问题并寻求改进,在临床运营部内外主动解决问题,并及时向管理团队上报问题 Proactively identifies potential issues and seek improvement, take initiative for issue resolution within and outside the Clinical Operations department, escalate issues to Management team timely.

6. 协调风险管理流程,包括主动风险识别、评估(概率和影响)和缓解计划

Coordinate the risk management process encompassing proactive risk identification, evaluation (probability and impact) and mitigation plans


Basic Requirements:

1. 本科或硕士以上学历,医药相关专业最佳。

Bachelor or master’s degree or above; major in medicine and biology is preferred.

2. 具备至少5年以上临床运营经验,以及至少2年以上临床运营管理经验。

At least 5 years of clinical operation experience, and at least 2 years of clinical operation management experience.

3. 较强的书面和口头沟通能力以及流利的英语口头和书写能力

Strong written and verbal communication skills, and fluent English in oral and writing